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2017 End of Year Recap

End of the Year Banquet ~~ All good things must come to an end!

On November 9, EWGA-MidTN celebrated our 2017 golf season with our End of the Year Banquet held at Monell’s at the Manor.  Over three dozen members enjoyed great food, great drinks, great prizes and great friendships.



It takes a bit of magic and a lot of shining volunteers to provide us with a successful year. Led by our chief magician (the one in the hat!), this year’s highlights were shared by several Board members and league captains.


Did you know that YOUR Chapter:

  1. Added 22 new members and maintained a 77% retention rate for existing members
  2. Enjoyed strong support for all 5 of our weekday and weekend leagues
  3. Planned and hosted numerous playdates, instructional clinics, and other events
  4. Provided almost $400 in support of the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition and the EWGA Foundation while maintaining a positive financial balance
  5. Enjoyed sponsorship support by many long-term Chapter friends
  6. Hosted a record number of chapter participants to play in the EWGA Championship Finals and the EWGA Cup


And the best part is next year promises to be even more exciting!!! 

Jeannie Musterman Volunteer of the Year Award 

The Jeannie Musterman Volunteer of the Year Award is in recognition of a longtime member and enthusiastic supporter of the Middle Tennessee Chapter.  In her honor each year, the chapter recognizes a volunteer who embodies Jeanne’s love of golf and exhibits strong dedication to our Chapter. We are honored to recognize Joni Kies as the 2017 recipient of this prestigious award. Currently serving as our Director of Communications, Joni embraces her role with a can-do attitude, good humor, and enthusiasm. On and off the course, Joni brings her winning style and smile for all to enjoy!  Congratulations, Joni!


Most Improved 2017 EWGA Middle TN Player

We know it takes dedication, hard work and plenty of practice throughout the summer to lead to an improved game. One of the duties of our Handicap Chair is to ascertain via a review of our handicaps who has made the most improvement over the season. Although several of our members made great strides with their game improvement, the one with the MOST improvement is Karen Seufert.  Way to go, Karen!





2018 Nashville Golf Show February 2-4, 2018

With more than 80 exhibit booths, plenty of vendors and over 6,000 participants, the show is the place to be if you love golf!  Our chapter will once again have a booth and share all about our organization with the public. Step up and be a part of the February fun! If we can’t be playing outdoors, we can certainly enjoy our EWGA friends and experience the golf community inside! Reach out to our Membership Director and mark your calendars!

2018 Kickoff on March 24, 2018, at Hermitage Golf Course

Enough said! Mark your calendars now and plan to attend the 2018 season’s Kickoff. It’s going to be fun!


Hot News From EWGA HQ

Syndicated Content - Find an LPGA Teacher

Syndicated Content - Slide 6


President – Donna Ruggles

Finance and Records Director – Terry Applegate


Member Recruitment - Yolanda Inge

Member Services – Andrea Velasquez

Events and Activities - Bobbie Markham

Marketing Director – Sydney Haffkine

Communications – Joni Kies

Website Administrator – Paula Palk

Handicap Chair – Lynn Osborn


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    Join us for a fun Saturday morning at Top Golf Nashville!  We will meet at Top Golf around 9 a.m. and divide into groups of up to 6 per bay (depending on how many we have).  Each person will be responsible ...

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    The month of September will be “Play for Pink” to benefit breast cancer research.  This will be during regular league play during the month of September.  Cost to participate will be $10 per player.  ...


PGA Pros In Our Area!  

Have you ever seen amateur golfers giving others golfing lessons? Boo!  An amateur "golf lesson" is the worst kind of lesson!  Please leave the golf instruction to the Pros.  They can see things immediately and offer suggestions in a productive way.

Below are several excellent PGA Pros in our area that have supported the Middle TN EWGA throughout the years.  Find one that matches your personality and communication skills.  It is so worth it to learn from a golf professional!


Barney Alary Ron Cox
Simplifying Golf Academy Hermitage Golf Center
(615) 594-8022 (615) 883-5200

  • Sandy Jaskol Steve Kirkpatrick
    Class A LPGA Professional Golf Rx
    (615) 981-1792 (615) 288-4539


Garrick Malone Ryan Smith
Garrick Malone Golf Academy Hermitage Golf Course
(615) 268-6863 (615) 293-7644

Nancy Quarcelino or Rita Reasons
Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf
(615) 778-8823